Sleep on the Inflatables!!!

Lock-ins begins Friday at 8:30PM and end the next morning at 8:00AM


$800.00 ($150.00 non refundable deposit)

Up to 24 kids ($30.00 per child above 24)

Party must provide adult supervision (18 yrs. old or over) at a 1:12 ratio is required




       7 pizzas (Domino’s 8 slices each)

       5 pitchers of drinks (Pepsi Products)

       1 candy item per child

       6 popcorn bowls

Add Ons:

        Extra pizza -  $12.00 each (Dominos Pizza)

       Extra pitchers - $6.00 each

You can bring in your own food besides other pizza and drinks! 

This is great for the Birthday Parties, End of the Year celebrations, Youth Groups, Scouts, cheerleading squads

* We will provide 1 manager that will be available the entire stay and 1 helper until 12:00AM

* At 1:00AM all the inflatables will be turned off except for 2 inflatables that will be available to sleep on

* $150.00 non refundable deposit paid at the time of booking