Party FAQ

Party FAQ

What options are available?

Please see our party packages page.

Does Wallabies have private party rooms?

Your party will have its own private party room for opening gifts and serving ice cream, pizza and cake.

What if I have more than 24 total kids?

Additional kids can be included with your party for an additional cost per child. If your party exceeds 24 kids we can expand the rooms to accommodate larger groups, but in order to serve you we need to be prepared in advance.

When do I need to provide Wallabies with the final headcount?

You will need to provide us with a final headcount 24 hours prior to the party. The final payment will be due the day of the party.

How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?

Your party will begin promptly at the scheduled party time, but party guests are allowed to come play as early as they would like.

Are all the children attending my child's birthday party required to sign a waiver?

A waiver must be completed for each child attending your party, signed by their parent/legal guardian. No one is allowed to play at Wallabies without a signed waiver. Download the waiver

Can I bring my own decorations to my kid's party?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own decorations. Please take home any decorations you bring to Wallabies. Silly string, confetti, piñatas are not allowed. An additional cleaning fee may be added for excessive clean-up or damage. Please DO NOT use tape to hang banners, ONLY removable mounting putty may be used.

Does Wallabies have party favors?

Yes, we have a variety of party favors to choose from, they can be purchased when you book your party.

Does Wallabies have balloons?

Yes, we have balloons they can be purchased when you book your party.

Does Wallabies have ice cream?

Yes, we have ice cream. You can place your order when making your party reservations.

Can I bring my own food to the party?

You can bring your own birthday cake. However, we do not allow any other outside food or beverages.

Who serves the food at my party?

Your party helper will serve the food and will handle the clean-up unless specified by the host. Candles, matches and knife are not provided.

When do I need to place my food order for the party?

In order to make sure we have your food on time, we need a final headcount 24 hours in advance. If you have to make adjustments after you have provided the final count, please be aware that the timing of the delivery may be delayed.

How do I reserve my kid's party at Wallabies?

We must have a valid credit card in the host’s name on file. A 50 percent deposit is required to place your reservation. No checks please.

If I need to reschedule or cancel my kid's party can I get a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are refundable if cancelled at least 3 weeks from the party date. If a party is cancelled less than 3 weeks from the party date, the deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied against a future party, within the next 3 months.

When will my remaining balance be charged to my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged the day of your party. There will be an additional fee if your final head count exceeds the number of kids booked for the party or there is an upgrade to the next package.

What is Swisher Hygiene?

Wallabies sanitizes all of its play area in partnership with Swisher. The service is intended to dramatically reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play at Wallabies, making it a cleaner environment than public playgrounds, schools, daycares centers and amusement parks. On a regular basis Swisher applies an OSHA-approved, FDA-certified Solution that is completely safe for human contact but that kills more than 99.9% of commonly encountered germs.