Walk-in FAQ

Walk-in FAQ

Can we walk- in and play anytime?

Yes, you can walk-in and play at anytime during Wallabies business hours.

How long can my kids play at Wallabies?

You and your kids can stay, play and just jump as long as they would like during Wallabies hours of operation, but once you leave the Wallabies facility there is no re-entry.

Can adults play in the play areas?

For the safety of the kids, we do not allow adults or teenagers to play on any of the inflatables. You are welcome to assist kids 3 years old and younger in the play areas.

Are we required to sign a waiver to play at Wallabies?

Yes, a waiver must be completed for each child playing and any adult assisting, No Exceptions! Download the waiver

Is outside food allowed at Wallabies?

No, we do not allow outside food or drinks at Wallabies. We do have a concession area with a variety of food and drinks for you and your kids.

Are there group discount rates?

Yes, we offer group rates for school groups, daycares, religious organizations, camps and mom’s group play dates. Please contact us for more information.

Are socks needed to play at Wallabies?

Yes, all kids are required to wear socks in the play areas. If adults enter the enclosed toddler area, they must wear socks also. If your kids do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at the check-in area.

Can we book a party at Wallabies?

Yes, fill out the party form and we will call you back within 24 hrs. or call us.

What is Swisher Hygiene?

Wallabies sanitizes all of its play area in partnership with Swisher. The service is intended to dramatically reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play at Wallabies, making it a cleaner environment than public playgrounds, schools, daycares centers and amusement parks. On a regular basis Swisher applies an OSHA-approved, FDA-certified Solution that is completely safe for human contact but that kills more than 99.9% of commonly encountered germs.